SEC vs. Ripple: Dr. Layton Seeks Access to Hinman Speech Docs

• Forbes reporter Dr. Roslyn Layton has submitted a petition to access the Hinman Speech documents related to the Ripple case.
• The stakes of this lawsuit are high for Ripple, its executives, and XRP holders who have suffered billions of dollars in losses due to the SEC’s decision.
• The motion emphasizes that former SEC official Gary Gensler had a financial investment in promoting ethereum, raising questions about conflicts of interest.

Forbes Reporter Seeks Access to Hinman Speech Documents

A Forbes writer, Dr. Roslyn Layton, has recently filed an updated petition with the court for permission to participate in the case and gain access to the Hinman Speech documents. This legal dispute between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple is very important as it could potentially shift the commission’s stance on regulatory matters if Ripple is successful.

High Stakes Involved In Lawsuit

Layton has argued that there are “extraordinarily high” stakes involved in this case not just for Ripple but also for their chief executive officers and multitudes of XRP holders who have faced heavy losses amounting to billions of dollars due to what they believe was an “ill-advised attempt at supposedly protecting them“.

Financial Investment Of Former SEC Official

The motion states that former SEC head Gary Gensler had a financial investment in promoting Ethereum which led many people to wonder if he had interfered with Hinman’s message or whether administration officials assumed his advice given during his speech was too muddled or deviated from pre-determined regulations.

XRP Community Following Case Closely

The XRP community is following this case closely as they hope it will bring some much needed clarity regarding digital asset regulation from the SEC. Several people working in Bitcoin businesses noted how important this case is as it could change how regulators view cryptocurrency assets like XRP and other altcoins going forward.

Motion To Intervene Updated By Writer

James K Filan, a lawyer representing XRP shared an updated version of Layton’s petition on Twitter which seeks access to these documents so she can better understand why certain cryptocurrencies were excluded while others were not by previous SEC heads like Gensler or Hinman.