Doctoralia and Prescrypto use Blockchain technology to issue prescriptions online

With the current global situation caused by COVID-19, multiple initiatives have been proposed and implemented in the health sector using Bitcoin Profit technology. Recently, according to Contexto, the Doctoralia Mexico platform has allied with the Mexican startup Prescrypto, so that doctors who use their services can issue digital prescriptions to their patients.

The Doctoralia platform has been offering the digital prescription service for some time to users in several countries, especially in Europe. Now, with the support of the Prescrypto startup blockchain, it will also be a reality for its web portal in Mexico.

Doctoralia, is part of the Polish group Doc Planner, and operates in 20 countries in Europe and Latin America. Through it, it is possible to schedule medical appointments and even receive consultations and indications remotely from its 180,000 allied doctors in Mexico. The alliance with Prescrypto, which has just graduated from the UNICEF Innovation Fund acceleration program for blockchain companies, will allow the addition of prescriptions verified according to current law for the 5.5 million visitors the site has.

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How it works
With this alliance, health experts who are already part of Doctoralia and those who join the platform, will be able to issue digital prescriptions in both their face-to-face and remote consultations. Adrian Alcantara, Director of Operations of Doctoralia in Latin America, has expressed that Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, meet the requirements imposed by the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris), according to the regulations in force since 2011.

By using the blockchain technology as a base, it is expected that the electronic prescriptions issued through the platform are safe, that they cannot be duplicated, and that they can be read by pharmacies that have the necessary technology. These will only be readable by means of a QR code, which will translate the data stored by the doctor in the Prescrypto chain. In view of this, Alcantara comments that:

„Without the need to carry a paper in hand, you can carry the QR code generated with the prescription and the pharmacy that is already approved with this type of document can fill it.

This involves the creation of a completely remote, easy and digital chain that is closed by the role played by certain digital pharmaceutical platforms, such as Farmalisto, Prixz, Mediomonth, which directly receive the digital prescription and fill it at the patient’s home.

According to Alcantara, this strategy has served to limit the contact between patients-doctors and other providers during the health emergency resulting from COVID-19.

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„Basically, you will be able to receive medical attention from home or from anywhere with an Internet connection, have your specialist make a video call and issue a digital prescription that you can also fill remotely,“ added Alcantara.